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Kinnevik AB and Rocket Internet launched the e-retailer Zalora Group, which has operations in various South East Asian nations. Zalora, Asia's Online Fashion Destination, puts you at the center of everything by offering a limitless variety of items from the most sought-after local and worldwide brands. In Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam, Zalora's online stores first went live in 2012. Simply enter your order number in the search box at the top to start tracking your Zalora order, and our tracking machines will quickly locate your package.

How to Follow Up on a Zalora Order

You can't wait to hold your newest acquisition, do you? By monitoring your order with PackageRadar.com, you can see how close you are to getting your shipment.

The first step is to go into your ZALORA account and select "Track My Orders." Step 2: A list of all the purchases you have made will be displayed to you. The "Track Product" option will be accessible for further information on the whereabouts of your package after it has been sent. You will be given a link to the delivery courier's website where you may enter your tracking number if tracking information is not available. Step 3: Copy the tracking URL or number and enter it into PackageRadar.com.

When the "Order Shipped" email is sent, it could take up to 24 hours for your tracking number to become active.

Tracking Returns at Zalora

Are you unsure if our warehouse has received your returned item? Continue reading to learn how to track your refunds. Depending on how you return items, you can track them. Please make a note of the return tracking number, which may be located on the return label or on the receipt you should receive or ask for when dropping off your package. Once your package has been received and processed by ZALORA, you will be informed.

Order Tracking at Zalora Malaysia

TA-Q-BIN, NinjaVan, Pos Laju, and CollectCo are just a few of the local delivery carriers that Zalora collaborates with. You can follow them all using PackageRadar.com or through our mobile applications.

Pos Laju: On your return label or proof of drop-off, in the upper right corner, you'll find a tracking number that consists of 13 alphanumeric numbers. To find out where your return package is, just go to the PosLaju e-tracker.

12 numerical digits make up the tracking number for CollectCo, which you may find on your return label or proof of drop-off. To trace your return package, simply enter this number into CollectCo's online tracker. Please take notice that you may request "proof of drop-off" by email if the drop-off locations are unable to offer a paper receipt. Within 30 minutes of drop-off, your tracking number should become active; if not, contact CollectCo here.

The tracking number, which consists of 10 numerical digits and may be found on your return label or proof of drop-off, is provided by NinjaVan. To find the whereabouts of your returned package, enter this number into Ninjavan's e-tracker.

Order tracking for Zalora in Singapore

Through our mobile applications or our partnerships with local delivery services like Singpost and NinjaVan, you can monitor your order at PackageRadar.com.

Zalora Order Tracking in the Philippines

You may follow local delivery carriers that Zalora works with using PackageRadar.com or our mobile applications, including LBC Express, 2GO, Entrego, DHL, and 7-Eleven. To provide you with quick, all-state shipping and extensive Cash-on-Delivery coverage, Zalora is collaborating with our courier partner ENTREGO.

Zalora Delivery Options in Singapore

ZALORA provides a variety of delivery and pickup choices. Of course, the direct courier service comes first. Another possibility is to pick up your package from the 7-11 location of your choice, where you may pay and get your package. The packages will be delivered by the ZALORA fleet to each of the island's 72 7-11 locations. Collection from a POPStation is the last approach. POPStations may be found all around the island, primarily in MRT stations and commercial centers. When your item has been delivered, Singpost will let you know, and you can go pick it up.

You may follow your Zalora orders using the PckageRadar app and on this website to avoid confusion about where to look. Your Zalora order will be automatically tracked by our service, which will also provide the order's current position and delivery status.

What does the status of my order mean?

Your shipment passes through several steps before being delivered to you. The delivery statuses you observe when monitoring your purchase may be readily understood with the help of this brief tutorial.

Delivery Schedules at Zalora

ZALORA wants to get your things to you as quickly as possible! Deliveries may take longer or shorter depending on where the goods are supplied from. Parts of your purchase may be given priority if there is a different lead time, and they may be shipped separately. Choose our Express Delivery if you want your "Sold by ZALORA" products delivered the next working day with a guarantee!

Zalora Express Delivery in Malaysia

For a little price of RM11.90 for Peninsular Malaysia, ZALORA's express shipping service enables you to receive your item much faster! If not, your order will be delivered the following business day. The best part is that it accepts all payment options, including Cash on Delivery (COD)! Only orders submitted on a working day are eligible for delivery the next working day. Orders placed on Sunday may only be delivered on Tuesday. Note that CollectCo deliveries (self-collection) and deliveries made on weekends and holidays are not included in Express Delivery. Peninsular Malaysia only has a few locations where this service is offered.

CollectCo Pickup Zalora

With just 4 simple steps, you can now pick up your purchase at any of your favorite CollectCo pickup spots, making shopping even handier for people on the go! The only prepaid orders that may use this service, for now, are those that are delivered to specific locations and are paid for using a credit/debit card, Paypal, or store credit. Orders with Seller Items cannot be picked up by CollectCo.

What should I do if my delivery is late?

Missed a Zalora delivery? There will only be a maximum of three tries to deliver your purchase, so don't worry!

Our partner courier will either send you a message or give you a call to let you know that they tried to deliver them but were unable to find you at the shipping location you provided on the day they were supposed to. Then, your delivery will be rescheduled by their affiliated courier. If they fail to deliver to you twice, they will hold your order and contact you to arrange a third try, according to our Customer Service team. However, the rider will return your box to Zalora after three tries, and we will regrettably have to cancel your order.

About Zalora

The top online clothing retailer in Asia is ZALORA, and seven South-East Asian nations sell its goods. They follow a straightforward philosophy: provide their consumers with amazing new fashion designs, trends, and advice in a fun and simple purchasing environment. ZALORA offers a wide range of items for men and women from a variety of different companies on its website. Additionally, they follow fashion trends and provide personal styling advice and services to people who are eager to develop their sense of style. ZALORA received the Top Brand Award from Influential Brands in the area of online apparel platforms, reiterating its status as the company that online shoppers can put their faith in. Customers of Zalora may purchase thousands of goods throughout men's and women's fashion clothes, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics categories on the website, which features a comprehensive range of over 500 top worldwide and local brands and designers. We provide free returns for thirty days, quick shipping (within one to three working days), free delivery over a specific amount, and a variety of payment options, including cash-on-delivery. Your buying experience should be simple and enjoyable, according to ZALORA. Our group of regional customer service specialists is excellent. With thousands of new goods arriving each week, ZALORA is the one-stop online fashion shop that keeps shoppers interested. We believe that buying online should be simple and enjoyable, therefore we provide quick shipping, a 30-day free return period, and a variety of payment options. The largest fashion group in the world, Global Fashion Group, includes ZALORA. The GFG was founded in 2011 to assist emerging online fashion businesses. With operations in 27 nations, the Global Fashion Group has a presence in India, South America, Russia, and the Middle East. As a member of GFG, ZALORA Group has developed over the years into the region's leading voice in fashion.