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Order numbers or shipment tracking numbers can be used to follow up on Zalando purchases. Zalando frequently uses MyHermes UK, Yodel, PostNord, SDA, MyHermes DE, DHL Express, and DPD for deliveries. You may use the given tracking number to find the position of your items on the Zalando purchase page.

Simply enter your tracking number in the search box at the top to monitor a Zalando order, and our tracking machines will quickly locate your package.

Where is my order on Zalando Track?

After you place your purchase, it will arrive in 4-6 days (Monday through Saturday).

A customized delivery estimate may be seen in the shipment confirmation email that was delivered to your email address. Therefore, if you're unsure of the status of your order, please give it until this date to arrive.

Your shipping confirmation email includes a tracking link that activates in 24 hours.

Once your item has been dispatched, you may follow it in the "My Orders" area of your account.

Use PackageRadar.com to monitor your Zalando orders so that you don't forget where to look. using the tracking number from the email you received from Zalando confirming your order.

Zalando: track a package

If your package has already been dispatched, you may always use the courier tracking link to find out where it is. You will be sent a confirmation email as soon as your shipment ships with the tracking number and a link to check the courier's website for the most recent delivery status.

Just copy the tracking number and put it into the Zalando shipment confirmation email that you received after clicking the courier tracking link.

Delivery or shipment times for Zalando

What is the typical delivery time? Standard shipping takes between 3-5 days (Monday-Saturday) (Monday-Saturday). Check to see whether the product has been delivered to a neighbor as well. Please get in touch with Zalando if this is not the case and the package has not arrived at your address within a week after shipping.

Orders placed with Zalando before 8 p.m. will begin to be processed the same day.

Zalando is making every effort to deliver all packages on schedule. The anticipated delivery date may be seen in your order confirmation.Although the shipping of the package may take up to two days, the delivery date specified in your order confirmation is unaffected. You may monitor your order using the given tracking link after receiving your shipment confirmation.

Unfortunately, the customer service staff at Zalando is unable to expedite delivery or provide you with any further information beyond what is currently available via the tracking link.

Can I alter the time and location of my Zalando package's delivery once more?

You can! You will receive an email confirmation for your package from Zalando shipping partners DHL, Hermes, DPD, and DHL Express. This may be used to select the delivery day or your preferred delivery place, such as a parcel store.

If the delivery attempt is made when you aren't home, you may check the status of your package using the parcel tracking service to determine, for instance, if it was delivered to a neighbor.

Zalando tracking of deliveries

Zalando will stop offering free shipping in the UK, Ireland, and Spain as of April 23, 2019. In the UK, Ireland, and Spain, Zalando is imposing shipping fees. Following an earlier test in Italy, the German fashion powerhouse has made this move. It appears to be the end of an era even if Zalando insists there are no intentions to implement this measure further.

Customers in the UK, Ireland, and Spain will now have to pay a few euros for orders that are less than a particular amount.

Customers of Zalando in the UK must pay 3 pounds for orders that are less than 19.90 pounds. For orders valued at less than 24.90 euros, buyers in Ireland and Spain must pay, respectively, 3 and 3.50 euros.

What choices are there for delivery in the UK?

Currently, Zalando has three shipping options for you to choose from:

Only UK addresses are eligible for delivery of all Zalando.co.uk orders. Zalando doesn't provide shipping outside of the country.

Zalando shipping choices in Germany

DHL, DPD, or Hermes handle deliveries in Germany. Only addresses in Germany may receive deliveries of orders placed on Zalando.de.

You will receive an email with the tracking number for your order as soon as one of Zalando's logistics partners has been assigned to your package, along with a confirmation of delivery. This will enable you to use the courier's tracking facility to monitor the status of your delivery online.

Flexible shipping and return policies at Zalando

Zalando is renowned for having a highly lenient return and delivery policy. The business has long given customers the option to return things for free within 100 days. In September 2015, Zalando begins a test program for same-day delivery in Berlin and a program for collecting customer return shipments in London. These experimental programs were later implemented in other European towns.

Zalando in the United Kingdom

When Zalando launched Zalando.co.uk in 2011, it made its retail services available to clients in the UK. Yodel was in charge of the deliveries.

France's Zalando

Zalando's brand-new satellite warehouse was formally unveiled in Moissy-Cramayel, 30 kilometers south of Paris.

With an improved shopping experience, this new satellite warehouse is Zalando's "je ne sais quoi" to entice French customers. The 20,000 square meters of logistical space will be used to meet the growing needs of one of the major fashion marketplaces in Europe as well as the needs of Zalando's French clients. The new fulfillment facility will facilitate a more effective administration of the French distribution network in addition to shortening delivery times. It may also make it easier in the future to test out new services.

Italy's Zalando

Zalando's previously mentioned fulfillment center for Italy will be constructed in Nogarole Rocca, which is near Verona; Vailog has been chosen to build the facility. About 130,000 square meters will be devoted to the new fulfillment center. The facility will not only expedite delivery in Italy but also supply the surrounding markets.

Two of the criteria that led to the selection of Italy as the next central hub are its potential as a market and its closeness to nations in southern Europe. Similar to the currently operational central hubs in Germany (Erfurt, Mönchengladbach, Lahr) and Poland, the Nogarole Rocca complex will have a logistic area of around 130,000 square meters. An independent partner, whose selection will be made through a tender, will be in charge of overseeing operations at the facility.

Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark Zalando

By creating online storefronts in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden in 2010, Zalando entered the Nordic market. The clothing company operates five fulfillment centers across Europe, with storage facilities in Sweden, France, and Italy.

Zalando and PostNord have extended their collaboration, which began eight years ago when Zalando entered the Nordic market, by signing a three-year logistical agreement. PostNord will be Zalando's only provider of logistics services in each of its four Nordic countries through mid-2021.

For the next three years, PostNord will handle both the distribution of goods from those terminals to final consumers as well as the transportation of goods from Zalando warehouses to PostNord terminals. Additionally, PostNord created a service, especially for Zalando, which includes free pickup of returns within an hour at the delivery site of the customer's choosing. This logistics service is now being tested in Stockholm by PostNord and Zalando.

Zalando launched a new fulfillment facility in Sweden in January 2019. The online fashion retailer has established a fulfillment facility in Brunna, close to Stockholm, that is around 30,000 square meters large and has enough for about 500 people as well as 50 mobile autonomous robots.

The new fulfillment facility of Zalando should reduce lead times in half for clients in the Nordic region as a result of the state-of-the-art automated technologies located there and its advantageous geographic location. The new site, according to the business, has the full potential for same-day delivery in Stockholm and next-day deliveries to the Nordic cities.

Tracing Zalando Lounge

You may use the package tracking number supplied by Zalando Lounge to monitor your order. You can often find it in your shipment confirmation email or the My Orders part of the Zalando website.

You may find premium labels like Ted Baker, Barbour, and Levi's in the Zalando Lounge shopping club, where new items are added daily and are sure to fit your taste. With savings of up to 75%, explore a large selection of premium designer apparel for men, women, and children.

Fullfillment Solutions by Zalando

Recently, Zalando successfully introduced Zalando Fulfillment Solutions, offering fashion labels access to its infrastructure and expertise in shipping. With the new service, Zalando manages the order fulfillment for partners from inbound to outbound, providing straightforward and customized solutions to meet their unique requirements. This new effort will assist in further enhancing the seamless fashion experience for customers throughout Europe and complement existing digital services provided by the Zalando platform, such as Brand Solutions or Zalando Media Solutions.

Zalando is testing out new services including same-day delivery, geo-localized delivery, and return on demand with a logistic network that will eventually include 8 fulfillment sites in 5 countries. Zalando Fulfillment Solutions, which are available in 5 of the European regions where the Zalando Partner Program is active, allow partners to expand their businesses overseas without worrying about the associated logistical complexities.

Logistics Zalando

On December 15, 2015, Zalando's first logistics facility outside of Germany opened in Stradella, northern Italy. Similar to how Zalando built up its logistics in Germany, the Italian satellite will begin as a test operation with a service provider.

In addition to their in-house created inventory control system ZALOS, Zalando may depend on their partner Fiege's expertise in global logistics. ZALOS enables Zalando to ensure that everything operates efficiently and to the high standard we have all come to expect from Zalando.

Zalando formerly had an impressively consolidated logistics system, with all of its centers of distribution based in Germany and just return centers in the majority of the other European countries it serves.

Zalando can already provide same-day delivery to 12 percent of the population of Europe and next-day delivery to 56 percent because of its warehousing and logistical network. This is anticipated to increase to 20% and 75%, respectively, by 2020.

About Zalando

European online retailer Zalando is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The business adopts a platform strategy and provides clients in 17 European areas with Fashion and Lifestyle items.

Zalando, the top online fashion retailer in Europe, offers shipping to consumers in 17 different nations. They may discover approximately 2,000 brands of apparel, shoes, and accessories at the Zalando fashion store.

In 2008, German university friends Robert Gentz and David Schneider founded Zalando with the help of Berlin-based start-up incubator Rocket Internet. Ten years later, Zalando has grown to be one of the largest fashion e-tailers in the world, with 2017 revenues of €4.5 billion ($5.3 billion), more than double Yoox Net-a-Porter's sales.

Currently valued at $11.85 billion, Zalando is creating an "operating system for fashion" by offering brand partners logistics, IT, and marketing options in addition to its wholesale business. But this is the hardest test Gentz and Schneider have yet to pass. Amazon, a giant in American e-commerce, is vying for Zalando's market share.

The specific tastes of clients in each of the 15 European markets Zalando covers, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Poland, are taken into account by Zalando's tailored offerings.Zalando's logistics network, supported by facilities in Northern Italy, France, and Sweden with a focus on local consumer demands, enables it to effectively service clients throughout Europe.