Отслеживание почтовых отправлений Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Tracking

The tracking number on a Victoria's Secret order can be used to follow it. Victoria's Secret makes use of the mail aggregator eShopWorld to assist retail retailers with international order shipping.

00006675216146020899, 60000000000000494, 60000514103983, 6001001518469, and 2096414518 are examples of tracking numbers that are comparable to eShopWorld. To find out where your order is, enter the tracking number you received from Victoria's Secret in the search field above. Orders are delivered to your door by Aramex, UPS, DHL, and Chronopost after being forwarded by eShopWorld.

Asendia and eShopWorld are key partners, so Victoria's Secret order monitoring is occasionally possible on the Asendia USA website. Orders within the US are typically delivered by USPS.

The PackageRadar app and website automatically check every delivery option available for your Victoria's Secret and download information from the websites of pertinent courier and postal service providers.

Download the PackageRadar app or use our website to track your orders from Victoria's Secret from the store to your door and concurrently via all viable courier providers (eShopWorld, Aramex, USPS, Asendia). It will display where your order is and all of the intermediate stages of delivery.

EShopWorld Assistance

The TrustPilot website receives timely responses from the eShopWorld support staff regarding inquiries regarding delivery and tracking. Victoria's SecretColumbus, Ohio, is home to one of the most well-known lingerie companies in the world. The positioning of Victoria's Secret underwear is that of an accessible luxury. Women are considerably more impressed by the aura of sexuality, elegance, and romance than they are by the endless supermarket aisles filled with the same old bras and underwear.

For constant parcel tracking and Push notifications when package tracking changes, download the Package app for iPhone or Android.