Отслеживание почтовых отправлений SHOPEE


When your Shopee order is prepared for delivery, the parcel is given a specific tracking number and dispatched to the courier or postal agency. You must locate the tracking number associated with your order on the Shopee order page to monitor Shopee shipments.

Are coronavirus-free goods from China acceptable?

The e-commerce site Shopee tweeted that it regularly sanitizes its transit warehouse in China and keeps an eye on the well-being of its staff. Additionally, it stated that all packages coming from China are consistently disinfected by the airlines and only released following quarantine and customs inspection.

How is a Shopee order tracked?

To get the most recent updates on your shipment from Shopee, enter the tracking number of the order into the tracking box above and click the "Track Parcel" button.

The Shopee order number and tracking number are completely distinct numbers, so please take notice of that. You must input tracking numbers to monitor your item by courier.

Below you will find what tracking numbers look like for a variety of delivery companies:

*And here are Shopee order numbers, which CAN NOT be used to track a package:*MY175778724963G, MY172618198844H, MY1882057118781

Tracking for Shopee Standard Express

Shopee's local logistics partners, such as Black Arrow Express, 2GO Express, and Entrego, transport packages under the umbrella of Shopee Standard Express.

The logistics company that works with Shopee may need 2 to 4 days to update the status of the tracking. You can speak with the vendor directly to learn more.

Regular Delivery Tracking on Shopee

How can I follow my Standard Delivery? Delivery times might range from 1-3 business days for items that may come from multiple sources. You may simply follow the progress of your order immediately through the Shopee app, website, or tracking page for Standard Delivery.

Please be aware that any changes to an order's status will be shown every 24 to 48 hours.

Orders will be delivered within 1-3 business days after our recommended logistics provider has verified them. Shopee will notify users of delays resulting from proclaimed holidays and extreme weather. Please frequently monitor orders.

Express Delivery on Shopee - Shopee24

With the new Shopee24 Express Delivery function, customers may have their goods delivered to the registered location within 24 hours. Currently, this function is only accessible in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Putrajaya due to logistical restrictions (except Pulau Ketam, Pulau Tengah, and Pulau Klang).

Shopee has introduced a new service called Shopee24 Express Delivery (Shopee24), which ensures next-day delivery for online consumers, to keep up with the growing demand for online shopping and to further set itself apart from rivals. The service is anticipated to "industry game-change" the nation, according to the online eCommerce platform.

Orders placed by 2 p.m. the day before will be delivered the next day, according to Shopee24. If Shopee is unable to carry out the next-day delivery, their subsequent shipping will be free. Except on Saturday and Sunday, the service is accessible every day of the week, although, at this time, it only covers delivery inside the Klang Valley.

More than 10,000 products from top brands including Nescafe, Dutch Lady, Drypers, Dove, Dettol, Khind, Philips, and more that are for sale on Shopee are eligible for the service. Products with the "Shopee24" marking are those that are eligible for Shopee24 next-day delivery.

How long does shipment with Shopee Standard Express take?

The time it takes for standard delivery to arrive once your item leaves Shopee's warehouse is 2 to 8 business days. From the time your item leaves Shopee's warehouse, express shipment takes 1-3 business days.

My Shopee tracking number is where can I find it?

Order tracking on Shopee Singapore

Singapore Post's NinjvaVan delivers orders placed on Shopee in Singapore.

When should my order be delivered? Depending on the seller's "Ship Out Date" and courier delivery lead time, different orders may arrive at different times.

After order confirmation, the seller will be contacted to set up a pickup. The order will subsequently be picked up by the logistics provider on time.

After a successful order pickup, the customer should get their order in the following time frames: Local / Domestic orders: within 1-3 days, Overseas orders: between 9-24 days.

Order tracking on Shopee Malaysia

Most frequently, NinjvaVan, ABX Express, Gdex, Poslaju, J&T Express, POS Malaysia, and Skynet are used by Shopee Malaysia for deliveries.Since August 2018, Shopee Malaysia vendors have had the option to send their products via DHL. As a result, merchants on Shopee Malaysia can choose to ship their products via DHL and have them delivered to their customers the next day in the majority of places throughout Malaysia and two to three days in more rural areas.

Additionally, Shopee sellers have access to DHL ServicePoints strategically positioned throughout Malaysia to drop off their packages and have their customers receive them. Sellers with a lot of packages can also arrange for DHL to pick them up and transport them door to door from their location to their customers.

DHL eCommerce will offer best-in-class domestic delivery with reliable delivery, as well as specialized solutions for the e-commerce business, by using the DPDHL Group's strong and demonstrated competence in logistics. More options, flexibility, and convenience will be available for e-commerce delivery as DHL eCommerce plans to increase the number of ServicePoints in Malaysia to over a thousand in the upcoming months.

You can stop worrying about where your item is and when it will arrive thanks to the PackageRadar website and applications!

Order tracking on Shopee Indonesia

JNE, J&T Express, POS Indonesia, and NinjaVan are the primary delivery services used by Shopee Indonesia.

Order tracking on Shopee Philippines

Shopee Philippines frequently uses Black Arrow Express and LBC Express for deliveries.

Order history on Shopee Thailand

Shopee Thailand frequently uses Thai Parcel, NinjvaVan Thailand, and Thailand Post for deliveries.

How can I use Shopee's non-integrated logistics to monitor my order?

Simply type the tracking number supplied into the search box above!

What is FBS?

Shopee offers warehouse storage and order fulfillment services to retailers through the Fulfillment by Shopee (FBS) service. Shopee is in charge of picking and packing orders as well as holding the goods of its merchants at its warehouse. Pos Laju completes the delivery (or relevant 3PL). As previously, sellers continue to have total control over their shop, including chatting and managing the product listings.

What does Shopee's pick-up Fail mean?

It will be regarded as a failed pickup if the seller is not there when the pickup is supposed to happen. Reschedule pickup in the app after waiting for Shopee to update the pick-up status the following working day. For the same order, two unsuccessful pickup attempts will result in order cancellation.

How long does Shopee's delivery take?

Shopee's guarantee period is as follows: 2 days to ship plus 4 estimated delivery days plus 3 days for buyer confirmation.

Shopee Supported Logistics: What is it?

The integrated pickup and delivery logistics solution that Shopee offers is called Shopee Supported Logistics. You may simply follow the progress of your cargo on the app with the help of the logistics companies we support.

Shopee will pick up and deliver whatever you order from the merchant.

Tracking for Shopee Express Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam

How can I track SPX in Indonesia or the Philippines? The Shopee platform incorporates Shopee Xpress. Delivery times might range from 1-3 business days for the item(s) that may have come from multiple sources.

You may quickly follow the progress of your order immediately using the Shopee Express monitoring website, app, or website.

Orders will be delivered within 1-3 business days after our recommended logistics provider has verified them. Shopee will notify users of delays resulting from proclaimed holidays and extreme weather. Please frequently monitor orders.

Please take note that Shopee Xpress will only make 2 delivery attempts for each order.

Tracking for Shopee Xpost

What is Xpost Integrated? Shopee's integrated logistics service is called Xpost.With a logistics company that Shopee supports, you can simply monitor your cargo from inside the app. You may arrange for Shopee to deliver the order to the customer after picking it up from the vendor.

All vendors in serviceable regions, including Metro Manila and regional areas, are allowed to accept cash on delivery (COD) thanks to Xpost Integrated.

Shopee eCommerce Integrated by DHLShopee is the top e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. DHL eCommerce, a branch of the world's largest logistics firm, Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL), announced its cooperation with Shopee to provide domestic delivery for Shopee merchants and buyers throughout Malaysia. Following the successful integration of DHL's e-commerce logistics services into Shopee Thailand's platform, the move represents an expansion of DHL eCommerce's close relationships with Shopee in the area.

Why use Shopee for shopping

The most popular e-commerce site in Taiwan and Southeast Asia is called Shopee. It is a platform that has been specifically designed for the area to give clients a simple, safe, and quick online shopping experience through reliable payment and logistical assistance.

The Shopee team aspires to improve the world by connecting shoppers and sellers in a single community because they believe in the revolutionary potential of technology. Shopee strives to consistently improve its platform to provide a flawless and delightful purchasing experience for all customers and become the preferred e-commerce platform in the area as shopping on mobile devices becomes the new standard.

What distinguishes Shopee from other online markets?

Only on mobile, highly socially focused. Sellers are concerned with building their Shop's brand and fan base to improve the buying experience for customers.

There are no commission or listing fees, however, sellers can choose to buy sponsored advertisements.

Super-fast growth; first year of operation had GMV of $1.8+ billion.

Anytime, everywhere shopping

Shop today to uncover the greatest offers and enjoy fantastic discounts from a large selection of reputable marketplace vendors and official retailers.

You are safe with Shopee.

How Shopee changed how people purchase online

Customer-to-customer (C2C) marketplace transactions can be tricky.Unresponsive sellers, questionable ads, persons pulling out of agreements, or failing to appear at scheduled meeting locations are all common occurrences.

The June 1, 2015 debut of Shopee, a new mobile marketplace from Singapore-based Garena, aims to alter that.

Although there are numerous marketplace applications available right now, according to Mr. Chris Feng, head of mobile business at Garena Online and CEO of Shopee, many of them are not smart enough.

He said that they resemble classified ads more than online shopping sites.

He and his team, therefore, created Shopee to be a feature-rich and powerful C2C software that safeguards the interests of both vendors and customers.

Shopee is not a pioneer in this market, but its vision is what makes them stand out. They have a reduced entry barrier for both vendors and customers, built-in payments, shipping and logistics, a transaction management system, a review and chat system, and they improve on various existing e-commerce models, according to Feng. It is the closest thing to what Feng refers to as a "real marketplace model" since it is a Frankenstein of all the greatest features of the platforms we already know and love, including Rakuten, Alibaba, Gumtree, and the Classifieds.

"In my opinion, a real marketplace is a platform company where we make it possible for buyers and sellers to do business. The least amount of our involvement in the process is appropriate. We are not executors; rather, we are regulators.

About Shopee

Sea Group (formerly known as Garena), the company that owns the e-commerce platform Shopee, was established in 2009. In 2015, Shopee made its debut in Singapore. Since then, it has grown to include Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It helps individuals in Taiwan and Southeast Asia purchase and sells goods online. Shopee was listed as one of the "5 revolutionary eCommerce businesses we witnessed in 2015" because of the mobile and social components that were integrated into the design.

Shopee began as a marketplace that catered largely to consumers (C2C), but it has recently transitioned to a hybrid C2C/B2C strategy. Unlike its rivals, Shopee does not impose listing fees or commissions on vendors.

It also functions as an asset-light marketplace because Shopee depends on third parties for logistical capabilities and does not own any inventory or warehouses. To help its consumers logistically, Shopee collaborates with more than 70 courier service providers across its regions. For item collection and delivery in Singapore, it partnered with logistics company NinjaVan. Pos Malaysia and Pos Indonesia are some other delivery partners in the area.

Shopee hopes to be the "Alibaba of Southeast Asia" and become the region's preferred mobile shopping destination. To that end, it expects to begin monetizing its platform by adding sponsored adverts this year.Shopee regional managing director Ian Ho (pix) stated that the firm would eventually need to generate income and has plans for monetization, despite its current focus on growth rather than monetization.

"Making money is not complex science. Listing fees, commissions, and sponsored advertisements are three main methods to make money on e-commerce platforms. We aim to launch something like paid advertisements this year, and these are some of the monetization strategies we're looking into," said Shopee regional managing director Ian Ho.

"Market expansion is anticipated, along with good service for buyers and sellers. We don't care what our rivals are doing. Our main goal is to increase the size of our market share. We're primarily focused on mobile, and we want to invite the appropriate businesses to use our platform, he added.

With 40 million downloads, Shopee is present in seven markets: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Shopee is a platform designed specifically for Southeast Asia that enables online purchasing by fusing a customer-to-customer marketplace with payment and logistical assistance.