Отслеживание почтовых отправлений Lazada

Lazada Tracking

When your Lazada order is prepared for delivery, the box is given a specific tracking number and dispatched to the courier or postal agency. You must locate the tracking number associated with your order on the Lazada order page to monitor Lazada shipments.

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Are packages from China safe from Coronavirus?

"There is no indication of the risk of catching the Wuhan coronavirus via deliveries or their contents," the e-commerce company Lazada stated. It stated that before handling parcels, its logistics crew goes through a rigorous sanitization procedure and daily temperature checks. It said, "We take the safety of our employees and customers very seriously and keep a close eye on the situation to make sure Lazada is a safe platform for everyone.

Is there a physical location for Lazada?

Lazada is an online eCommerce platform, which often refers to a company concept without a physical storefront. Additionally, as there are no overhead expenses associated with running one or more stores, such as rent and power, platforms merchants can typically offer items at low prices since the savings are passed down to customers. It has shown to be a fruitful business strategy that is growing stronger in an increasingly digital age. Having said that, the eCommerce business teamed up with the Korean cosmetics brand Amorepacific in 2019 to launch its first retail concept shop. Amore Store X Lazada, the name of the new store, which denoted the partnership between the two businesses, was introduced in Funan in Singapore. James Hang, the CEO of Lazada, stated that the firm is no longer only focused on providing eCommerce services and is instead focusing on being a general commerce company. As a declaration of purpose, Lazada's first retail alliances were announced. This turned out to be an exciting development for the company's future as well as for the industry as a whole, with other players keeping a close eye on Lazada to see what direction it takes and whether or not it will pave the way for other eCommerce behemoths to follow in its footsteps depending on how well it does.

How is a Lazada order tracked?

To get the most recent updates on your Lazada package, enter the tracking number of the order into the tracking box above and click the "Track Parcel" button.

Alternatively, you can utilize tracker.lel.asia, Lazada's package tracker.Please be aware that the tracking number and Lazada order number are completely distinct numbers. You must input tracking numbers to monitor your item by courier.

The appearance of tracking numbers for various delivery firms is seen below.

Order tracking for Lazada Singapore

Orders placed on Lazada Singapore are delivered by Singapore Post, NinjvaVan, and Lazada eLogistics.

You may track every Lazada order directly with several carriers' websites using the Parcels website and applications.

Lazada Global Shipping (LGS) – what is it?

For international merchants, LGS, or Lazada Global Shipping, is the only shipping option available. Millions of shoppers across may instantly access qualifying listings thanks to Lazada Global Shipping. Whether you're buying or selling, cross-border commerce and international shipping are crucial considerations.

Lazada Malaysia order history

Lazada Malaysia frequently uses NinjvaVan, ABX Express, Gdex, Poslaju, J&T Express, POS Malaysia, and Skynet for deliveries.

You can stop worrying about where your item is and when it will arrive thanks to the PackageRadar website and applications!

Lazada tracking number for LBC

Orders placed on Lazada Philippines may be shipped through LBC Express, and parcels can be readily traced using the LBC Express and LeL Express websites.

Seller Own Fleet MY Tracking on Lazada

You may follow your Lazada order, as usual, using our Lazada tracker when you see Seller Own Fleet MY listed as a courier service. It indicates that the seller of your product utilizes its fulfillment in Malaysia.

Dropshippers often employ sellers' fleet delivery.

All orders for Seller Own Fleet must arrive between 3 to 5 working days.

Before upgrading a Seller Own Fleet order status to the delivery failed, sellers must make at least two delivery attempts.

All return requests (as specified in the agreement) made by the customer Seller Own Fleet sellers must arrange for a collection within 48 hours.

You may follow your Lazada order, as usual, using our Lazada tracker when you see Seller Own Fleet SG listed as a courier provider. It indicates that the seller of your product utilizes its fulfillment in Singapore.

Own Fleet SG Tracking by Seller

You may follow your Lazada order as normal using our Lazada tracker when you see Seller Own Fleet SG listed as a courier provider, which indicates that the seller of your product utilizes its fulfillment in Singapore.

Lazada Indonesia order history

Lazada Indonesia primarily uses JNE, J&T Express, and POS Indonesia for delivery.

Orders from Lazada Philippines are frequently delivered by LBC Express.

eLogistics at Lazada

A cutting-edge, highly visible, and affordable logistics network is being built by Lazada eLogistics (LeL). Their business strategy is built on a network of logistics partners joined by cutting-edge technology and flexible infrastructure.

The Lazada Group's logistics division, LeL, is organized around four functional business units:

Express LELLEL

Express is a private express shipping service run by Lazada. Lazada's last-mile delivery option, including pick-up, sorting, and delivery, is called LEL Express. Their goal is to wow clients, convert them to Lazada eCommerce users, and establish Lazada as the premier Southeast Asian eCommerce platform.

Seller-Owned Fleet Website (SOFP)Such parcels are dispatched by sellers that use Seller 3PL and are referred to as Seller Own Fleet, or SOFP (such as Seller-GDEX, Seller-Poslaju).

Direct Return To Merchants (DRTM)

DRTM is a brand-new functionality that allows you to manage all customer returns! Since you can now start handling returns requests directly, it is simpler to comprehend the major causes of these requests and you can better inform your customers about the items.

Lazada shopping

All purchases made on Lazada are ensured to be authentic, brand-new items that are not flawed or damaged. If so, you may easily return it for a full refund under our Buyer Protection Program within 7 days.

How quickly does Lazada deliver packages?

Your Lazada shipment or package's size, weight, and destination will all affect how long it takes to be delivered. The destination is typically one of the determining variables, and more remote areas in nations with weaker transportation infrastructure are among the regions that might encounter the worst delays.

Although most goods bought from Lazada arrive on time, there are a few uncommon situations when the item will be delivered after its scheduled time. Some situations include:

By selecting a speedier Lazada parcel delivery option, you may decrease the time between deliveries. This may reduce them to nothing in as soon as 3-5 working days. For instance, although air travel and premium delivery services are more expensive, they provide far quicker delivery times than sending goods by sea or road. Buyers can try to contact the seller to receive an estimated delivery time before purchasing and look at package delivery choices if they wish to improve on that estimate. Buyers will get confirmation and shipment details by email, which should tell them how long delivery should take.

Orders from international vendors may be expected to take longer to arrive; typically, it takes 5 to 20 working days until customers get their Lazada package. Once you have made a purchase, be careful to confirm the transaction and watch for the seller's shipment notifications. In general, Lazada's delivery times are seen as being acceptable when compared to those of other businesses.

The region and order where you want your Lazada package shipped determine the international shipping costs, and if the delivery or handling of the package is ever contracted out to another courier, any additional delivery delays may not be Lazada's responsibility.

You may check the status of your package by entering your tracking number on the PackageRadar homepage, which will allow you to see where it is right now and when it was last seen at a certain place.

How can I get a refund or return my goods?

The following requirements must be met in order for you to be eligible for a refund or return of the things you bought from Lazmall or from a non-Lazmall vendor, such as Marketplace, Crossborder, Taobao, etc.:

Please be aware that returning the item is a must before asking for a refund, and exchanging the things is not permitted.

You may directly return or receive a refund for the item by contacting Lazada, making a request, and then waiting for a response.

Just do the following actions to do it:

Is there free shipping on Lazada?

The free delivery option on Lazada is only usable if the merchants make it available for their goods. Verifying whether shipment is free or not is simple. First, check the product page to see whether free delivery is mentioned. If it is, it should be clear on the website, so look for the "enjoy free shipping" alerts. Typically, a minimum purchase order is required for these alternatives. Free delivery is frequently provided with more expensive orders, both to encourage customers and because it makes more financial sense for sellers to make a larger transaction even if it means forgoing the shipping fee.

Go to the Lazada website and click straight on the "free shipping" symbol on the homepage if you only want to search for products with free delivery. Your searches will then only be for products that offer free delivery. However, if you are considering this choice, keep these two things in mind:

If you're looking for discounts and offers in addition to free delivery, you may check promotions by visiting the seller area and looking at adverts. Additionally, if you have a discount coupon or promotional voucher, enter it in the appropriate field on Lazada to receive a variety of benefits, such as product discounts or free delivery where it would otherwise be paid. To save even more money, keep an eye out for discounts similar to these that frequently appear on Lazada.

About Lazada

The Southeast Asian e-commerce business Lazada Group, which is owned by Alibaba Group, is the owner of the Lazada brand. In Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, Lazada Group runs online stores.

Lazada began operations in March 2012 intending to serve clients by selling its products out of its warehouses. It launched a marketplace business concept in 2013 so that independent merchants may sell their goods on Lazada's website.

With the help of a wide range of specialized marketing, data, and service solutions, Lazada's marketplace platform connects around 155 000 vendors with the 560 million customers in the area. Lazada has the largest selection of items in categories such as consumer electronics, home goods, toys, fashion, sporting goods, and grocery, with 300 million SKUs accessible.

With a focus on providing exceptional customer service, it provides a variety of payment options, including cash-on-delivery, thorough customer care, and simple returns through its own first- and last-mile delivery arm, which is supported by around 100 logistic partners.