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Genuine People tracking

Genuine People represents a fusion of the East and the West. It is a brand of apparel and fashion. On this site, you may shop for both Asian and Western clothing. They open the door to a colorful palette. The business offers a variety of women's products, including clothing, accessories, and other daily necessities from various brands that are carried there. Genuine People's clothes have a wide choice of designs that are all unique. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a product on the Genuine People website, you may contact customer care.

The pieces have a simple look with striking designs, so if you reside in a city, all you have to do is check the website and get your favorites. Shanghai has a few factories that Genuine People collaborate with. Along with them, several factories in Shenzhen and Hangzhou.

Do Genuine People offer international shipping?

Yes, sincere individuals ship globally to all 50 US states as well as to more than a hundred other nations. Whether you prefer expedited or ordinary shipment, there are two options. Since many individuals cannot purchase from them, they ship to grow their business. They started concentrating on the quality of their items for women to grow their business internationally.The shipping service offered by Genuine People is trustworthy.

Genuine individuals take precautions to prevent difficulties, but regrettably, some do arise that Genuine People attempt to resolve. The business has the right to reject the order and cancel it as it sees fit.

Credit card payments are accepted, and if your order is canceled, your money will be returned to your account. Genuine individuals are free to alter their price range as they see fit. Once you pay, there are no returns or exchanges allowed for purchases.

How quickly do Genuine People ship orders?

If you choose not to have expedited shipment, your Genuine People order will be dispatched by standard postage. To confirm their order, customers of Genuine People receive an email.

The order is delivered on-site in 1 to 3 days. When it comes to overseas delivery, the order typically takes 7 to 12 days (on average), although it may take longer depending on the nation.

The time frame for expedited delivery is 3-6 days. The time required for Genuine People delivery varies by location. Due to distance, shipping times vary between nations. More details may be found at https://genuine-people.com/pages/shipping.Unfortunately, Genuine People's estimated delivery time is not a guarantee. Sincere personnel does their utmost to send the order promptly and on schedule.

Do shipping costs with Genuine People exist?

Yes. Genuine People charges a fee for overseas shipping; it is not free. Customers are required to pay various taxes and charges. The consumer is accountable for meeting all standards set out by the business.

Each nation has a separate set of import taxes and customs fees. Because customs laws differ from one jurisdiction to another, the firm was unable to provide you with the complete shipping cost. Before placing an order, each consumer should give their local courier service a call to determine the entire cost of delivery. Customers should examine the local fees because shipping costs might occasionally come as a surprise.

You must pay the shipping costs if you reject any orders when they are delivered to your door.

The client is responsible for clearing any customs. Some nations impose additional delivery fees, which may result in higher shipping costs; however, Genuine People do not collect these fees.

Genuine People does not provide free shipping.

How can I find out where my Genuine People order is?

Checking your email is the first step in Genuine People tracking. An email with a tracking number will be sent to you. Then, by visiting the Genuine People website and selecting "Track your Order," you may follow the progress of your Genuine People package. You may learn more about the shipment with Genuine People's order tracking, and customers like knowing more about their orders. The email contains the tracking number for Genuine People. Checking the shipping services utilized by the business FedEx, UPS, TNT, or DHL will also reveal the location of the shipment.

You may track your Genuine People package using one of these shipping companies to keep track of your package. These are the shipping providers that Genuine People uses.PackageRadar is an additional option. Your Genuine People tracking number may be pasted into the search field on the PackageRadar webpage. You will receive complete details on your order, including its current state, the shipping service utilized for delivery, and the delivery's next phases.

Can I send a Genuine People product back?

Yes. The phone number for Genuine People is +1 415-650-1836. Additionally, you may email them.

The following details the return policy for Genuine People:

Customers have two weeks from the sale to return the item. The item must be undamaged, and marketable, and the seal must be intact. Genuine People will refuse to return the product if the tags are taken off. Deliveries from Genuine People are secure.The item shouldn't sustain any damage. Whether the refund is accepted or not is at the discretion of the business. You can return things that were purchased at full price for a refund. Some goods are available for return when purchased with discounts and sales.

Some of the products were offered by the firm as "Final Sale Items" and are not returnable. Certain goods, including cards, presents, publications, and cosmetic items, cannot be returned. To learn more about returns, go to the website's return section. Once you've sent anything back, you'll receive an email confirming your reimbursement.The package will not be refunded if it is denied for whatever reason. Every item is priced in US dollars and is based on the current exchange rate. You may compute various exchange rates based on your needs.