Отслеживание почтовых отправлений eBay


Depending on where an eBay seller is physically situated, many delivery options are available. Sellers frequently utilize the eBay Global Shipping Program and Pitney Bowes to send shipments when the products are shipped from the US or the UK. eBay China sellers often use China Post, SFC, Winit, and ePacket to send shipments.

Our service will locate and display additional tracking numbers and download information from the websites of logistics and postal firms. Deliveries from eBay sometimes involve numerous carriers.

With our global postal tracker, you can monitor Economy International Shipping packages, Expedited International Shipping, Standard International Shipping, Express International Postage, and of course Economy International Shipping tracking.

What is an eBay tracking number for?

When your eBay order has a tracking number, it goes without saying that you'll want to know where your package is and when it will arrive.When you enter your eBay tracking number in the search box at the top of this page, our worldwide package tracker will identify your parcel and provide you with detailed information about it within a few seconds.

Fulfillment for eBay by Orange Connex

eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex is a service that enables sellers to provide their consumers with a superior delivery experience, including same-day handling, late cutoff dates, and the choice of next-day and standard delivery. End-to-end control of your inventory is provided by this service, both on eBay and on other selling platforms. You may rest easy knowing that you'll be safeguarded from any delivery-related faults.

Tracking UK priority international shipping

If your tracking number starts with UPAA, UPBE, or looks similar to UPAAB000000234225695, your item was shipped using the Global Shipping Program, and you can follow it to your front door.Our service will monitor your order, verify all the necessary carriers, and provide all current tracking statuses, including the location of the package if you enter the UPAA tracking number in the search box above. The official Pitney Bowes tracking website is another option.With frequent updates from USPS along the route from Indiana to the GSP headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky, it is simple to follow the progress of your shipments as they are being shipped within the US. Things become a little trickier after it leaves the borders of the land of the free.

Although you have a worldwide tracking number, such as UPBEE00162A512C5AE13, because of the GSP's usage of various carriers, it doesn't provide you with any specific information once the item has left the US.

Use secondary wnDirect tracking number at this time (looks like LPKEN000000278145868, provided by eBay and PBI). The company that ships the goods worldwide is called wnDirect.

Their tracking system statuses need some interpretation. The phrase "In transit AIRLINE:BA/FLIGHT:632/AWB:125-47487834" might appear in one of the line items. This airline waybill number is used to trace airborne freight shipments. Our technology will locate the most appropriate airline cargo monitoring page (in this case, British Airways) and locate your package.

After your package clears UK customs, wnDirect sends it to 13ten for delivery on the last leg, who then hires additional carriers like Yodel and Hermes. Once more changing, the tracking number now resembles WNM1000677777.

You may monitor an eBay package using any of these tracking numbers on our website and mobile applications. We can determine when to utilize UPAA, LPKEN, or any other tracking number to locate your eBay package in the UK.

Tracking International Standard Royal Mail eBay

The shipping method used by an eBay seller to deliver goods to a customer is called Royal Mail International Standard, and it can be followed from the seller's warehouse to your front door.

German parcel tracking from eBay

Deliveries from the United States to Germany via eBay International Priority Shipping are frequently made through Artis-Web.de, UPS, GLS, DHL Paket, and myHermes DE.

Your cargo is given to one of Pitney Bowes' affiliates for international delivery once it has left the Global Shipping Center in Erlanger, Kentucky, United States. Additionally, you will be given a new GLS, Hermes, UPS, or DHL Paket tracking number.

When a new tracking number is found for your Global (UPAA) tracking number, our service displays data from regional German couriers.

Tracking an Australian eBay package

Following shipment from the seller, the item travels via the US to GSP's corporate office in Erlanger, KY, where it is readied for international shipping. The shipment is now given to either wnDirect or FedEx, who will ship your purchase to Australia.

Tracking eBay shipments to France and Spain

Pitney Bowes transfers the package to mail-forwarder TrackYourParcel.eu for overseas delivery, and that company, depending on the country, subcontracts the delivery to a local delivery agency. Through a connection from the Pitney Bowes website, you may discover updated tracking numbers on the TrackYourParcel.eu website.Correos Espana delivers packages in Spain, and Colissimo does so in France.

Let us locate fresh tracking numbers for your package so you can follow it from the US to your home. For tracking purposes, go up and enter the tracking number for your eBay purchase.

eBay Winit tracking

ID18010717523961CN, ID18100816947957TW are examples of comparable tracking numbers used by the Winit logistics firm, a popular option when transporting items from China. These packages are unregistered and can only be followed once they arrive in China.

Winit picks up the package from the seller's warehouse, transports it to the sorting facility, and then Malaysia Post, China Post, or Hong Kong Post ships it.

Winit will occasionally send an extra tracking code, such as UG041119000CN or UC445619639MY, which, although being in the international format, indicates that the item is unregistered and hence cannot be tracked to its final destination.

Tracking an ePacket delivery from China ePacket is a well-liked, quick, and affordable shipping option from China and Hong Kong. If the tracking number begins with the letter "L" and looks something like LW257802923CN or LX337243984CN, it is an ePacket and will be delivered by the national postal service of your country.

Deliveries of ePacket packages take place by the US Postal Service (USPS), Royal Mail (UK), Canada Post (Canada Post), and AusPost (Australia).To monitor your eBay shipment sent by ePacket shipping from China and Hong Kong, scroll up and input your ePacket tracking number.

SpeedPAK delivery technique is a new way for eBay to send items from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. SpeedPAK, a new logistics service launched at the beginning of 2018 by eBay and its Chinese partner Orange Connex Holding, enables merchants from China to ship items more quickly all over the world.Our all-purpose package tracker makes it simple to follow the progress of Economy SpeedPAK from China, Standard SpeedPAK from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan, and Expedited SpeedPAK from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan.Like ES1000005022840IB01010001C0A and EE1000006071880DH01030003G0A, SpeedPAK tracking numbers.

Monitoring DHL Global Mail ParcelDHL Global Mail is another popular choice for small packages. Rest easy knowing that you may use our postal tracker to follow your eBay parcel even if you don't know the specifics of the delivery methods or courier services.

DHL Global Mail monitoring is also compatible with Economy Shipping from India.

Tracking shipments sent by China Post and China Post Small Packets

The track code format for registered (tracked) packages dispatched by China Post is RO533573760CN. The track codes beginning with U are the exception; these are unregistered tiny packets that can only be tracked in China (UG008438512CN, UD027363998CN, and UH037393345CN).

This is an unregistered China Post Small Packet package if the tracking number has 11 digits and is identical to 89340895932. It will be delivered by your country's postal service once it reaches there.

It's important to note that, although they belong to China Post, 11-digit tracking numbers starting with 05 (05183648460) may also be followed via Winit, and our website will follow both services for you.

ZNLogic Tracking

Zinc Logistics, or simply ZN Logic, is a unique delivery system for items purchased on eBay and often transported from the US to the US mainland and the UK.

The standard procedure for tracking Zinc Logistics packages in the UK is to input a ZNLOGIC tracking number, such as ZPYAA0041150365YQ, and then click on "Track Package." Your Zinc package's most current tracking information will be downloaded by our system, and you'll be informed of its most recent travels.

On the Zinc tracking website, you may also keep track of your shipment.

International Shipping Program (GSP)

The Global Shipping Program makes it easier for purchasers from other countries to acquire items from American and British suppliers. International Priority Shipping is another name for this.

The merchant sends the products to the nearby sorting facility in the USA or Great Britain after receiving payment. The cargo will be processed by experts in international shipping at the sorting center, who will also fill out customs declarations, pay the necessary import duties, and transport the items to your house. After leaving the sorting facility in the US or UK, items dispatched under the Global Shipping Program often arrive within a week.

When you see "Multiple Carriers" listed as a delivery option, it signifies that several businesses are helping with the delivery. Pitney Bowes Inc. is simply abbreviated as PBI tracking if the carrier is specified. Our service will monitor your cargo when you submit your PBI tracking number.

Tracking of international economic mail

What is Envo Internacional Económico, will we find out? It is carried out by Correos Spain and, translated from Spanish, meaning International Economy Shipping. Spanish eBay vendors often use this shipping option.

Envo Internacional Económico may be tracked via the Spanish Post's official website or our postal tracker, where all statuses will be translated from Spanish to English.

How can I follow an eBay order?

eBay orders will receive a unique tracking number after they have been sent. In general, it begins with UPAA for Global Shipping Program, EE/ES for SpeedPAK, or looks like XX..CN for China Post and ePacket shipments. However, the format varies and is dependent on the shipping firm.

Simply input the given tracking number into the search form on this website to monitor an eBay order, and our parcel tracker will immediately locate your eBay item.

About eBay

eBay Inc. is a global e-commerce company with headquarters in San Jose, California. Through its website, eBay Inc. enables both business-to-consumer and consumer-to-business purchases.

In 1995, Pierre Omidyar created eBay, which went on to become a huge success story against the backdrop of the dot-com boom. Today, eBay has operations in over 30 different countries and is a multi-billion dollar company. The business operates eBay.com, a global marketplace and online auction where individuals and businesses may trade a wide range of products and services.

eBay history

The French Iranian-American programmer Pierre Omidyar established AuctionWeb (the original name of eBay) in California on September 3, 1995, as a section of a bigger personal website. A damaged laser pointer that was one of the first things sold on AuctionWeb went for $14.83. Omidyar was surprised and asked the auction winner whether he knew that the laser pointer was defective. I am a collector of damaged laser pointers, the buyer said in his return letter.

In September 1997, the business changed the name of its website from AuctionWeb to eBay. Initially, the website belonged to Omidyar's consultancy business, Echo Bay Technology Group. The gold mining business Echo Bay Mines had already registered the domain name echobay.com, so Omidyar reduced it to his second-best choice, eBay.com.

On eBay, millions of things, including domain names, collectibles, decorations, appliances, computers, furniture, equipment, and automobiles, are purchased and sold every day.

As a general rule, everything that is legal and complies with eBay's restrictions on prohibited and restricted items may be sold at auction on the website.

You may also sell services and intangible assets. Large worldwide corporations like IBM use competitive auctions and niche showcases to sell their newest goods and provide services on eBay. Users may transact using local currency on specific eBay sites, such as eBay US and eBay UK.