Отслеживание почтовых отправлений Cdiscount

Cdiscount tracking

With more than 16 million clients now, Cdiscount is a French marketplace that was established in 1998 and is renowned for the discounted retail pricing it offers. The French e-commerce website offers a variety of goods for sale, including IT, home and office equipment, and other goods. The majority of these goods are delivered to customers via pickup locations and La Poste or Colis Privé delivery.

Since Cdiscount was then regarded as the most significant French e-commerce website, 2013 was a significant year for the business.

How can I follow the delivery of my Cdiscount order?

An email is typically sent to the seller when an order is placed, and the order must be handled within 2 working days to confirm the product's availability. When the seller confirms availability, the order amount will then be deducted from the customer's (the buyer's) account. The purchaser can then go to its Cdiscount delivery tracking on PackageRadar and based on the selected postal service.

When a customer chooses Signature Mail (La Poste), their order typically arrives at the postal facility within 48 business hours, and they can access their Cdiscount tracking number 24 hours after making their purchase in the "My Account" section. As soon as the postal service accepts the order, the customer can track his shipment (an email is sent to the buyer when the order is supported by the postal service). The package typically takes 7 days to arrive.

DHL Express France or DHL Express Worldwide are two additional postal services that may be used in addition to La Poste. In these circumstances, in addition to PackageRadar, the purchaser may also track his Cdiscount package on the DHL website.

Which locations does Cdiscount provide delivery to?

In Europe, Cdiscount Shipping has operations in France (including Corsica and Monaco), Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Luxembourg. The business has also been a subsidiary of the French company Casino since 2000. Casino is a sizable retail conglomerate with operations not only in Europe but also in South America and South Asia.

It is possible to use the Cdiscount partner ColisExpat for deliveries outside of the six main countries where Cdiscount conducts business. The ColisExpat website offers a variety of shipping options, but only orders under 30 kilos can be shipped.

How long does it take to send packages internationally using Cdiscount?

The delivery procedures for foreign orders are the same as those specified for home delivery in France. However, other than France, pick up and drop off in-store are not offered. The declared shipping time from Cdiscount is stated in working days and is determined first by the size of the product and subsequently by the chosen delivery option, as shown below:

Package standard: 1 to 3 days

Bulky package: 2–7 days

Package type: 2 to 7 days

Large package: 3 to 10 days

Standard package: 10 to 20 days

Bulky parcel: 10 to 20 days

What are the alternatives for Cdiscount delivery?

The customer has a choice between 4 Cdiscount shipping options:

For the Home delivery option, Cdiscount offers three distinct delivery options:

The cost of the package the buyer has ordered will determine whether these options are used: The purchaser can select any option if the product costs 40 euros TTC or less (the standard option is applied automatically with a price under or equal to 40 euros TTC, but the buyer can still choose the tracked option or the signature on delivery option).

If the product's price falls between 40 and 10,000 euros TTC, the customer will be able to choose either a tracked delivery option or one that requires a signature upon delivery for a discount.If the item costs more than 10,000 euros TTC, the delivery made by Cdiscount will be the one that needs a signature.

The delivery to a group Casino store:

For this option, a Casino Group company, such as Casino supermarket, Leader Price, Géant supermarket, or Géant hypermarket, receives and picks up the Cdiscount order. This Cdiscount shipping service focuses mainly on little products due to store space constraints.

The quick pickup at the seller's store:

With this Cdiscount delivery option, the customer has up to six hours after making the purchase to pick up their order from the seller's store. This is applicable to all items that are regarded as being immediately available in-store and requiring no shipping fees.

The gathering from a network of collecting points:

Cdiscount employs the networks Relais Colis, Mondial Relay, or Colissimo delivery for this shipping option. When a customer selects this option, one of these collection locations will receive their order. However, the seller's choice of products is the only ones eligible for this delivery option.

The seller determines the postage cost per item for all options (aside from immediate pickup from the seller store) and establishes a sliding scale when multiple items are ordered in a single order.

What do "Cdiscount à volonté" and "Expédié par Cdiscount" mean?

A fulfillment service developed by Cdiscount is called "Expédié par Cdiscount," which translates to "delivered by Cdiscount" in English. It is comparable to Amazon FBA. The business offers fulfillment and storage services so that merchants may keep a number of their goods in Cdiscount's warehouses. Thanks to the mark "Expédié par Cdiscount," which also offers free delivery, the customer may identify the relevant items on the Cdiscount website.

Cdiscount developed "Cdiscount à volonté," a free shipping offering comparable to Amazon Prime. The annual fee is 19 euros, and orders above 25 euros receive free Cdiscount delivery.