Отслеживание почтовых отправлений Asos


Order numbers or shipment tracking numbers can be used to follow up on ASOS orders. With the help of WNDirect and TRAKPAK, which ASOS works with, you can trace the whereabouts of your packages with just your ASOS order number.

Simply enter your order number in the top search box to monitor an ASOS order, and our tracking system will quickly locate your package.

ASOS track order

The typical ASOS order number is made up of 9 digits, like 277381482. To locate your ASOS order, enter your order number in the search box above.

All orders that are dispatched have a special shipping number. Depending on who delivers your items, the shipping number is formatted as ASO2505GB01699638201 (TRAKPAK), 3SCBUB0040149 (Netherlands Post), or RK706553386ES (Spain Post).

TRAKPAK, in contrast to WNDirect, also gives you a tracking number that is legal in your country and a link to the website of a nearby postal or courier service.

You may follow your ASOS orders on our website, or PackageRadar app, and both to avoid confusion about where to look. Your ASOS order will be automatically tracked by our service, which will also provide the order's current location and delivery status.

Who is ASOS?

ASOS is a major worldwide online retailer of clothing and beauty products. On the ASOS.com website, more than 50,000 goods from different companies, including its own brand ASOS, are available in the departments for men's and women's clothes, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics. On average, 1,500 new lines are added to the website each week. The distribution hub in the UK ships items to more than 190 nations, and ASOS has localized websites for the UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Australia.

20-year-old intelligent young adults are the target market for the company's products. As of June 30, 2012, 8.7 million people have signed up at ASOS, of which 4.7 million were active shoppers from 160 different countries. ASOS receives 16.6 million unique visits every month (ie, customers who have made at least one purchase in the last 12 months).

Why is ASOS called that?

When Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson, who is currently non-executive director, decided to launch ASOS in 1999, they had the idea to open an internet store where customers could buy the clothes and accessories they had seen on celebrities.

The domain name www.asseenonscreen.com, which was established in March 2000 and formally opened for visitors in June 2000 under the name AsSeenOnScreen, was registered in August 1999. By the way, AsSeenOnScreen Holdings PLC and AsSeenOnScreen Limited were the original names of ASOS PLC and ASOS.com Limited. By the conclusion of the first year in business, the company had won The Sunday Times newspaper's poll for "Best Fashion Legislator," which provided additional chances.

The acronym of the phrase "as seen on screen" — ASOS — began to be used inside the corporation almost immediately. The company's management and staff were motivated by this to believe that the website's name should also be shortened.

A more straightforward domain name, www.asos.com, was acquired in October 2000, however, at that time, traffic to www.asos.com was sent to the website www.asseenonscreen.com, which was still uncomplicated and unsuitable for commercial use. The www.asos.co.uk website was then established in August 2001.

Soon, we started selling models on the television as well as promoting the notion of fashion as a way of life. AsSeenOnScreen lost even more of its meaning, therefore the brand started the transition to ASOS as its official commercial name.

In official papers and on the website, ASOS has been used since 2002 (in the form of the logo that was in use at the time). After the email address was changed to @asos.com, a marketing drive to replace the AsSeenOnScreen moniker with ASOS began. The brand was promoted in July 2002 at the Pepsi Chart Show broadcast on a for-profit radio station in the UK, ASOS. Since the original ASOS logo was used on the website in place of the AsSeenOnScreen logo by September 2002, the process of switching from AsSeenOnScreen to ASOS became irrevocable.

The website itself was then affected by the adjustments. The title line of our website introduced the term ASOS in January 2003. The ASOS store's online shop was transferred to the www.asos.com website in July 2003. Since the former website's traffic was no longer being sent there, www.asos.com has operated independently. The decision to alter the names of AsSeenOnScreen Holdings PLC and AsSeenOnScreen Limited to ASOS PLC and ASOS.com Limited was made by our shareholders in August 2003. That is how ASOS showed up (yay!).

Which shipping options are offered?

What is the price?

When the destination and delivery options are chosen together on the checkout page, shipping charges are automatically calculated.

Will there be a customs fee?

Customs or import fees are not applied to deliveries to locations on the EU mainland, however, each nation has its policies.

What happens on the delivery day?

During regular business hours, ASOS delivery partners are at work. ASOS advises having your order delivered to a location where someone will be present to accept it because a signature may be necessary.

Depending on size and weight, your item will be shipped with the best delivery partner. According to usual shipping practices, after your item has arrived in your country, it will be given to an internal postal service.

ASOS delivery partner will leave a card letting you know where your package is if you're not home when it comes. There may be instructions on how to pick it up or reschedule the delivery, or it may be placed in a secure location.

Please be aware that deliveries will not be made on any dates that are national holidays in your country. In this case, please anticipate receiving your purchase the following business day.