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China is the home of the online store AliExpress. Three objectives of the business are to link China to the world, link the world to China, and offer a platform for online shopping to the global market. PackageRadar provides AliExpress tracking services. Enter up to 10 tracking numbers on the site of AliExpress to track your purchases, then watch for the results.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is an online retail service or marketplace that was introduced in 2010 and is run by the China-based Alibaba Group. Buyers from all around the world may obtain items from small and medium-sized enterprises, primarily from China, using the marketplace platform without having to physically visit the firms' locations.

AliExpress originated as a business-to-business (B2B) purchasing and selling portal, meant to be utilized by e-commerce firms adopting the dropship business model. AliExpress differs from other marketplaces like Amazon in that it solely serves as an e-commerce platform and does not engage in direct product sales.

The most popular items sold on AliExpress are clothes, accessories, electronics, and a wide range of other goods. Brazil and Russia are among the nations where it is most popular. Those two countries are the main providers of traffic. However, it has grown to offer more services, including as payment, cloud computing, and consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer services. Because of this, more people are able to access AliExpress and sell things there. Sellers on AliExpress can thus be either businesses or individuals.

French, Spanish, English, Dutch, Italian, German, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Russian are just a few of the other languages that AliExpress is accessible in. Countries who aren't on the list often use the English version.

How well-known is AliExpress?

Because it offers an affordable means for companies to access the global market, the AliExpress marketplace group is highly well-liked by both retailers and customers. Low-cost goods are produced as a result of the savings being transferred to the consumer. It has been a successful strategy that is only going to get better in an increasingly digital environment when combined with the option of having all of the things listed delivered right to your front door. In order to deliver goods to customers, AliExpress collaborates with a variety of various partners, including national and international postal services and couriers.

The Singapore Post, Correos, DHL, Posti Finland, and many more are just a few of the well-known carriers that work in conjunction with AliExpress. The site now offers a variety of shipping tracking tools for products purchased by customers and merchants alike. Tracking AliExpress orders is simple with PackageRadar because it covers over 10,000 stores and 1,200 couriers.

Enter your tracking code on the PackageRadar website to start monitoring your AliExpress order and obtain an instant, real-time location and status of your item, no matter what it is!

Where is AliExpress located?

Address: 969 West Wen Yi Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. AliExpress is housed within the Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou.

Because AliExpress is only an online shop, sellers and customers should be aware that no shipments come from this location. As a result, tracking won't start at this location; instead, all AliExpress parcel tracking will start with the sender's first choice of postal service or courier. PackageRadar provides thorough tracking on all products purchased from AliExpress, including status and location updates, if you require real-time tracking on your AliExpress package.

How secure is AliExpress?

The fact that the customer is totally secured while making a transaction straight through the AliExpress marketplace is what makes AliExpress so safe. However, a few requirements must be satisfied in order to track your AliExpress order.

For instance, it is the seller's duty to communicate shipping information, such as the parcel tracking number and the delivery window offered by AliExpress (which vary depending on the available shipping options). When a transaction is made, the seller should submit this information, which is crucial for a good customer-vendor connection as well as for enabling the latter to track their AliExpress cargo.

Once the buyer receives their tracking code, they may input it on PackageRadar.com to gain all the details they want on the status and location of their delivery.

How does AliExpress choose its carrier?

When it comes to carriers, AliExpress ensures the security of your packages. AliExpress Shipping is the company's own shipping service. AliExpress Shipping is compatible with all of Alibaba's services because it is a member of the Alibaba group.

When you select either AliExpress Standard Shipping or AliExpress Premium Shipping, AliExpress Shipping is used. Faster delivery is provided by the latter. In order to prevent bogus tracking numbers from being provided by some sellers, AliExpress works with other reputable shipping firms. DHL, Singapore Post, FedEx, UPS, and several other carriers are a few examples. These messengers assist in keeping an eye on the shipping procedure to guarantee the security of your items. And remember, postal service is not what AliExpress Standard Shipping is. Although it may sound complicated, AliExpress Standard Shipping just takes the packages from the sellers. Once it has picked up your packages, it sends them to you with the assistance of a different courier or postal service.

How do I get my AliExpress order refunded?

It is the duty of the seller to have a refund policy in place, and any such policy must be understandable and transparent to the customer. A refund request can be made and should be honored by the seller if an item is not delivered after the end of the 45-day delivery time stipulated in the contract.

How to Request a Refund

How soon does an order depart AliExpress?

Like with other shipping methods, delivery times might change due to a variety of things like unanticipated delays, regional holidays, processing issues, bad weather, etc.

AliExpress Time for Delivery

The following are the projected delivery times that AliExpress provides for each service.

Buyers are urged to keep in mind that when a product is bought, the vendor should provide an expected delivery date. The preceding timeframes are only estimates, and in order to offer the most accurate projected delivery time, the seller should additionally take into account a number of additional factors.

Alibaba/AliExpress items are delivered within 2-3 working days for China domestic shipment only, and occasionally later for more remote areas of the mainland. Some carriers are quicker, like DHL Express.

eCommerce across borders and international shipping

Estimates for international shipping and cross-border eCommerce are as follows:

Why does it take so long for my AliExpress orders to arrive?

AliExpress sellers' delays are one of the key causes of the lengthy delivery times for purchases. Some vendors delay transferring the goods to the AliExpress warehouse. It has warehouses where vendors may keep their goods, unlike Amazon. AliExpress must wait for their vendors to provide them their products.

What Influences Orders on AliExpress?

However, a number of causes might be to blame for your order's delay. factors like:

On the PackageRadar.com website, you may access the most recent tracking data on an order's progress and position at any moment by entering the tracking code or number of the package.

How can I locate my tracking number for AliExpress?

Your AliExpress can be located by:

When it comes to tracking, keep in mind that the tracking number and order number are not the same.

How can I follow an order on AliExpress?

You may either visit the AliExpress website or a third-party monitoring service like PackageRadar to follow the progress of your AliExpress order. Simple ways to tracking your orders are as follows:

the PackageRadar website's tracking

How can I track Standard AliExpress Shipping?

It is simple to monitor AliExpress Standard Shipping because the seller or merchant has already provided tracking information on the order page. Follow these procedures to track the orders: On your account, click "My Orders." View Orders by clicking there. The tracking information ought to be presented under "Logistics Information." If you want more dependable and precise tracking for your AliExpress Standard Shipping, third-party services like PackageRadar can assist. Wait for the results after pasting the tracking numbers onto the webpage.

How can I monitor my AliExpress order internationally?

You may monitor your orders online from any location in the world. Either the AliExpress website or a third-party tracking system can be used for this. You're in luck since PackageRadar provides a global tracking system that enables you to follow your order's progress at every stage. All that would be required of you is a tracking number from your preferred carrier. You may check your orders on the AliExpress website to get the tracking number, or if it is not available there, you may need to get in touch with the seller or merchant to request it.

What does the status of my AliExpress tracking mean?

Users may follow the progress of their packages or parcels in real time using the AliExpress tracking code. However, there may occasionally be misunderstandings regarding the order's status. You won't need to be confused about what is happening with your order or package or what certain item tracking statuses signify anymore thanks to the comprehensive explanation of order terms and tracking status provided below.

What is my tracking number for AliExpress?

All registered shipments on AliExpress, like many Chinese markets, will have a tracking number. The tracking number, commonly referred to as a tracking code or tracking ID, is always specific to a single package. Each order will have a unique tracking identifier so that the shipment can be recognized, whether you purchased one box or one hundred. The format will be the same as that of other codes, but the numbers will never be the same. An AliExpress tracking number can be "TY72726064444700008," for instance. If you ordered another item, even if it was at the same time and from the same store, it will have a distinct number, such as TY72726064444700009, unless the order was merged. Contacting the seller should be done if they use the same tracking number for different orders. As an alternative, customers can speak with AliExpress customer service directly for more online assistance.

Examples of AliExpress Tracking Number Format

On PackageRadar, you may monitor your packages using the tracking number you received from AliExpress. Your packages may be tracked by PackageRadar’s real end-to-end tracking technology in a matter of seconds. It is the quickest and most dependable method to stay on top of all of your shipments. You may select "Save My Parcel" to sign up for email updates on the package's progress.

On orders shipped from AliExpress, is delivery free possible?

Because AliExpress is a marketplace platform that makes it easier for buyers and sellers to trade, free shipping alternatives may be at the seller's discretion. As a result, depending on the item being purchased, the delivery may not always be free. Smaller items, meanwhile, including apparel or gadgets, frequently come with free delivery alternatives. This is because tiny AliExpress package purchases are less expensive to ship, thus customers are eager to provide free AliExpress delivery alternatives to encourage the purchase of smaller products. Larger AliExpress shipment orders will incur additional shipping fees since they will cost more to transport and will thus likely be charged to the buyer. More elements might affect the cost of shipping, such as the destination (and subsequent distance from the dispatch place, which is often China), the desired delivery date, and others.

How long does it take to receive free shipping from AliExpress?

Free delivery alternatives are typically the most cost-effective for the sender or merchant. This implies that they will probably be dispatched and delivered via the least expensive and hence the slowest delivery mode. Before making a purchase, be sure your AliExpress shipment can be delivered on time by checking with the seller or website whether you need your box delivered by a specific date. This may be accomplished by contacting the vendor directly through the website.

The average delivery time for an AliExpress cargo by sea is the longest, followed by an average delivery time by road and rail, and an average delivery time by air. However, a mix of the aforementioned methods is typically used for overseas orders. You may use PackageRadar to monitor an AliExpress package as soon as it is dispatched so you can get the most accurate estimate of when it will be delivered.

No matter the mode of transportation or the number of couriers and delivery services engaged in the delivery, PackageRadar enables you to monitor an AliExpress package during its entire route from one location. Start enjoying the full tracking experience right away by copying and pasting your tracking number into the PackageRadar website!

Can I use my order number to monitor my AliExpress package?

Buyers should be aware that the tracking number, ID, or code and the order number will differ when it comes to tracking a delivery or parcel. The only way a customer can effectively trace their package is by using the tracking information. Once the goods have been shipped, the buyer should get them from the vendor. The purchaser may then follow the status of their packages on the PackageRadar website using their tracking number from the time it is initially despatched until arrival at the intended destination.

Although you can access the AliExpress order section, PackageRadar.com is the best site for tracking packages since it includes many of the local carriers and partners that sellers utilize, making it the sole method to get the most accurate and recent information about your package's whereabouts.

Paste your tracking number into the PackageRadar.com search field once you have it to let the robust tracking engine uncover all the information about your cargo or delivery. The tracking number will afterward be immediately preserved in your search history so you can quickly locate it again when you need new tracking updates. When you return to the website, your tracking number, which can look like "CNAPY83xx1295" or "LZ87124xx90CN," will be shown above the search box.

Without a tracking number, is it possible to trace an AliExpress package?

An order may occasionally be delivered without a tracking number; this is typically the case when the tracking number begins with UN***. This is due, in part, to the seller's failure to register the package. This indicates that the package's tracking information might not be accessible. If an AliExpress tracking number is not provided, get in touch with the seller to find out why or to get more assistance. Additionally, you can reach the online AliExpress support staff.

What causes a change in my AliExpress tracking number?

For AliExpress products or deliveries, tracking numbers may change as they are handled by various carriers in various nations. The buyer will have to visit several different carriers' websites to receive information on their item, making it inconvenient and perhaps difficult to track the goods.

Use their original tracking number on PackageRadar, which works with more than 1,200 different couriers and over 10,000 stores, as this will allow you to see not just the status and position of your delivery, but also any new or modified tracking numbers that are associated with it.

Why isn't the tracking on AliExpress updating?

Your AliExpress order tracking may occasionally stop being updated. This can be a result of the AliExpress servers being unavailable. The server may collapse if a large number of orders come in during major holidays like Christmas or Black Friday. Another explanation may be that the item is in transit or the customs process.

It is advised to get in touch with the seller or merchant to inquire about the status of the goods if after a few more days there are still no updates on your AliExpress purchases. Alternatively, you may submit a dispute request on AliExpress to further address this issue.

How can I get in touch with AliExpress Customer Care?

You can visit www.aliexpress.com or the company's mobile app to get in touch with customer service at AliExpress. You may also interact with live operators through their customer service department. They will make sure to help you with any questions you have and with managing your account, purchasing products, making payments, getting refunds, etc. You may contact their live representatives any time, seven days a week.