Отслеживание почтовых отправлений T-Mall

Tmall Tracking

Tmall is the biggest Business-to-Customer (B2C) marketplace in Asia, according to its website. Tmall is an online store that was first created with China's enormous client base in mind. Tmall Global was, however, introduced as a result of its widespread success, giving foreign companies a chance to market their goods to the Chinese consumer market. Tmall is one of the top players among online selling platforms because Alibaba Group owns and operates Tmall China and Tmall Global.

By letting companies open their storefronts, Tmall differs from many other online selling platforms in that it enables them to provide customers with a more customizable and personalized user experience. The infrastructure and all the tools are provided by Tmall China and Global to host your storefront and expose your goods in front of hundreds of millions of buyers. You are free to choose the style and theme of your store if you have opened a storefront on Tmall, giving the appearance that you are running your B2C website.

What distinguishes Taobao and Tmall from one another?

Although both Taobao and Tmall are online marketplaces, they use distinct selling strategies. Tmall employs the B2C system, whereas Taobao uses the C2C system (consumer-to-consumer) (Business-to-Consumers). Tmall is an online marketplace built on the Taobao platform. Users can set up online stores on Taobao's marketplace and sell nearly anything there. Anyone may create an account and begin trading on Taobao by signing up.

You must pass a rigorous verification process to open a storefront on Tmall China or Tmall Global, and you won't be allowed to start selling there until you have satisfied all of their requirements.

Tmall offers to ship to the US?

The US is covered by Tmall's shipping services, yes. However, Tmall was primarily created to assist sellers in reaching the Chinese market, meaning that foreign sellers can present their goods to Chinese consumers for sale. There are only a few sellers who will ship the items to your address if you want to purchase items from Tmall China or Global and have them shipped to the US.

You will typically need to use outside parcel delivery services like DHL, etc. They will ship the item to your address, but the cost of the shipping service will probably exceed the cost of your package. In other words, few retailers support international shopping and will ship your Tmall order to your US address.

How can I follow my Tmall order?

You must first have the tracking number for your Tmall order to monitor your Tmall package. Visit Tmall and log into your account to do this. Follow that by going to 已买到的宝贝 (my bought products). Put the pointer on the menu sidebar there that says 全部功能 (all functions), and a drop-down menu will emerge. Choose 已买到的宝贝 (my purchased items) from the menu that appears 官方集运 (official consolidation). If you are an international buyer, use the tab marked "海外物流订单" (overseas logistics order). You can access Tmall tracking by entering the tracking number in the input field provided on the same page. Here you will find all the tracking information for your most recent orders. You may see all the information on your package's location by pressing the enter key.

Additionally, you can visit PackageRadar.com and paste or type the tracking number into the input box on the home page. As soon as you enter, all pertinent information regarding the route taken by your package, its present location, and the anticipated time of delivery will be displayed.

How quickly does Tmall deliver items?

After placing your order, everything depends on your patience. Tmall shipping might take 7 to 40 working days to get to you once the order is sent. The average time for an overseas shipment to arrive at your country's borders is three weeks or longer. After then, it can take a further week for it to pass through all the regional customs and arrive at your door. Tmall shipping is a drawn-out procedure that might take three to five weeks. However, you may also pay more to achieve a significantly quicker shipment time. Your Tmall order can be delivered by DHL in 5 to 10 days.

Is there a free delivery option on Tmall?

The vendors from whom you purchase the goods will determine if you may choose free delivery. The majority of retailers offer free shipping within China, but at the moment, free shipping is only available to Chinese citizens. If you want to have your order shipped from Tmall China or Global to a location outside of China, you will need to pay extra for international shipping.

What days of the week does Tmall deliver?

Although Tmall sellers deliver seven days a week, when you receive a Tmall delivery solely depends on shipping times and the amount of time it takes for customs clearance. When delivering your Tmall orders, sellers employ a variety of shipping services.

How do I get a hold of Tmall?

Visit Tmall's online support center if you have any questions or problems with any of their services. Call them at 400-860-8608 (Monday through Sunday, 9:00–21:00) if you are a global business, and at 400-843-2288 (Monday through Sunday, 9:00–24:00) if you are a global consumer with questions. Alternatively, you can stop by Tmall China and Global's offices at Alibaba Brazil Creek Park, 969 Wenyi West Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Postal Code: 311100.